About to Relapse?

You fap. You feel like shit. You tell yourself you won’t do it again.
A few days go by. You begin to feel better.
I’m not talking about your headache being gone, or your stomach stops turning. I mean mentally. You just “feel” better.
You see that cute girl and you don’t feel inadequate looking at her. You feel confident and normal around your friends. Those shitty thoughts in your head? They stop coming.
You have energy, you have charisma, you have attention.
You start having normal conversations with people. You’re actually connecting with girls. You’re no longer afraid to open up and be emotional. And the best part? It’s all happening naturally. Your not “trying” to be different, you just are. Your attitude, your persona, your luck with the ladies, it’s all just better.
You have an abundance of pent up energy in your body. You don’t know where to channel it.
You know that things have been going great, and you know you’re a changed person. You’re no longer the “old” you that used to fap and look at porn.
So what do you do? You test yourself.
One time can’t hurt. I mean, who cares if I jack off? Everybody does it. It’s only natural right. “I bet if I do it just this once, nothing will change. I’ll still be the great guy that I’ve become.
So you get back on the computer, and PMO. Voila, your back to your shitty old fucking self. Nothing has changed. Those chemicals in your body that were letting you feel like the fucking man? Gone. Your confidence? Gone. Your low self esteem? You’re damn sure that’s back. You’re back. Back in that shitty cycle. You had something great. Something you could’ve ran with – maybe even to 90 days. But you blew it away.
I challenge you: Stop becoming complacent.
Bro, if your feeling great because of nofap, run with it. Take it all the fucking way. Change yourself. Don’t let your mind trick you into fapping just because things have been going great. Why did you start in the first place? It’s because you felt shitty as fuck. Why keep putting yourself in that same old cycle? By having the courage to even start this, no, by even knowing about this. You’re already miles ahead. Run with it. Keep going, change your life, and thank yourself once you do.

One thought on “About to Relapse?

  1. That’s some powerful shit you just said, bro!!!

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